Hello, world! I'm a developer and designer.

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University of Southern California 2010 - 2014
Computer Science, B.S. Los Angeles, CA

Relevant Coursework:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Principles of Software Development
  • Discrete Methods in Computer Science
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Design for User Experience
  • Basic Organization of Computer Systems
  • Human Language and Technology
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Design and Construction of Large Software Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • File and Database Management
  • Advanced Web Technologies
  • Advanced Topics in Mobile App Development
  • 3D Design and Prototyping

Paris Sorbonne University Spring 2013
Study Abroad Paris, FR

Spent a semester studing art history, French, fashion and interior design in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Additional recreational coursework in French cooking, wine tasting, and cheese pairing.

FrançaisAirbnb-ingL'art du pique-nique

Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology 2008-2010
Web and Audio Engineering Mountain View, CA

Attended a special academy with an interdisciplinary curriculum in graphic design, digital photography, and creative writing. Specialized in web and audio engineering.


IDEO Summer 2013
Digital Shop Intern Palo Alto, CA

Joined a team of product and software engineers within IDEO to design, prototype, build and ship digital products. Worked as both a designer and developer on a variety of internal and client projects.


USC Roski School of Fine Arts 2012 - 2013
Web Developer Los Angeles, CA

Responsible for maintaining the USC Roski School of Fine Arts website. Additionally worked on design and PHP/MySQL development for a new equipment rental web application used by all departments within the art school.


Intuit Summer 2012
Experience Design Intern San Diego, CA

Working directly with designers, engineers, user researchers, and product managers to create, maintain, and transition the official prototype for the new TurboTax 'Finish and File' experience into the real code base for TurboTax Online.


Tricky Software Summer 2011
Software Engineering Intern Menlo Park, CA

Experience designing and programming mobile games and applications for the iPhone and iPad. Worked on front-end for Emma the Inventor and UI for Crayola Color Studio, and company website.

HTMLCSSPHPObjective-C Illustrator

UpTrending, LLC Summer 2011
Web Designer and Developer Palo Alto, CA

Designing websites with a business minded approach and programming in front-end. Additional experience in SEO and Social Media campaigns, working directly with clients to build lasting online identities.


Work + Fun

Happen   A group project for our senior software design capstone class inspired by our collective frustration with current social media’s focus on making our backlogs public. We want to create a tool for people to make plans for the future with all interactions between users kept private. This will be a simple planning platform where users can keep a list of things they want to do and friends can ambiently express their interest by swiping “me too.” We expect further communication to take place outside the app and are interested in the simplicity of its humble feature set, and its potential to encourage offline communication and activity. Working as a designer and developer. Currently in development.

Illustrations   I like to draw things I like. My Schwinn ride pictured above.

IDEO Labs   Worked on front-end development of a wordpress theme designed for the new IDEO Labs site.

Apollo   An internal summer intern project at IDEO. Apollo is a searchable community of people tagged with rich psychographic data, curated to provide resolution and reach to companies looking for research candidates.

Music Visualizer   Experimental summer project using WebGL and Three.js with a beat detection algorithm to make an interactive 3D music visualization of album artwork using orbit controls. Play here.

LED Cube   Built with a friend as a final project for USC EE 201: Introduction to Digital Circuits. Constructed an 8x8x8 LED Cube three-dimensional display. Designed and wired the driver circuit board. Wrote application modules in Verilog to navigate the cube.

Homefit   Working with Executive Director of Digital Innovation at USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Ashish Soni, to research, conceptualize, wireframe, and design a new online tool for people looking to buy a home.